The traditional Lunar New Year was coming to the Homeland of Vietnam, but this year everyone was celebrating New Year more differently and quietly than any other years. Especially in Quy Hoa leprosy camp, Binh Dinh province, there was a sad silence, neither heard laughter nor saw a single human on streets or on beaches.

After receiving Tet gifts, the leprosy patients continued receiving monthly meal subsidy from “Friends of Lepers”. COVID was still in our place, too many old people in nursing home have been infected with COVID and bedridden ones were the most painful. Their children and grandchildren came to visit them and brought disease to patients, 50% had been infected and all of them were isolated … As carers for the patients, we had many worries but at the end, God also arranged everything for us. Luckily, “Friends of Lepers” gave Tet gifts and extra money in January and February so the patients had money to spend on medicine as well as food. Many families of patients in the camp were also infected and had to be quarantined, and our sisters also found ways to help them during the outbreak of COVID after Tet holidays.

Thanks to your gifts and subsidies, our patients of Quy Hoa leprosy camp were not afraid of hunger during Tet holidays even though the camp had to be isolated. We would like to express our gratitude to “Friends of Lepers” and benefactors for supporting and helping Quy Hoa leprosy camp to overcome difficulties during terrible time of the pandemic. We were not able to return to your sacrifice and generosity, we only pray to God’s mercy to give you special blessings. Thanks for your love to Quy Hoa patients, especially people with unfortunate circumstances who every day had to rely on compassion of others.

On behalf of leprosy patients and sisters of FFM community in Qui Hoa leprosy camp, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all brothers and sisters of “Friends of Lepers” and benefactors. Please receive our most sincere gratitude on behalf of leprosy patients.

Quy Hoa Feb 22

Sister Lucia Hoang Thi My Dung

Mother Superior, FFM