Dear “Friend of Lepers” and benefactors, I am Doan My Truc, a new graduate of Nursing at Dong A UniversityThe saying, “Every family has its own situation,” holds particularly true in my circumstances. I was born into a family where both my parents were grappling with a perilous illness known as “leprosy.” Their condition was severe, rendering them completely unable to workThroughout my upbringing, I experienced daily anxiety, particularly regarding financial difficulties. Our family lost its joy and fell into poverty. Eventually, my father pursued another relationship, leaving my mother to bear a heavy burden on her already ailing shoulders. She had to care for both me and my younger brother in the face of these challenges.

Reflecting on the past, I express gratitude to God for not stripping away everything from children in unfortunate circumstances like ours. The kindness of our benefactors, particularly the “Friends of Lepers” Association, has been a beacon of love in our lives. Their timely support has not only aided us physically but also provided spiritual sustenance. The last twenty-three years, constituting a third of a person’s life, hold particular significance for my future journey. Since the early days of attending school, I’ve been the recipient of assistance from benefactors, and I am amazed that I have now grown up and successfully completed my university program. The love and support provided by these benefactors have not only alleviated worries and lightened the burden for my mother but have also offered me a foundation to concentrate on my studies. For children from leprosy families, education stands out as the most effective means to integrate into society, and your support has been instrumental in facilitating this journey.

I know that the financial assistance provided by the “Friends of Lepers” is more than just money; it represents the effort, enthusiasm of compassionate benefactors. This realization deepens my appreciation, prompting me to value it even more. I have turned this gratitude into my academic pursuits. Over the course of 12 years, I consistently achieved excellence as a student and gained a diploma for my four years of hard work at the university. I sense that I have fulfilled my aspirations. Despite difficulties and challenges of the road ahead, I am determined to overcome them in order to support both my mother and younger brother.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the benefactors of “Friends of Lepers,” and I sincerely pray that you may be blessed abundantly by God.

QuyHoa Leprosy village
October 2, 2022
Doan Thi My Truc